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Rinse and towel dry, then comb through again. This can be avoided by wrapping the metal steamer with a thin towel. Can you save hundreds by switching energy providers? Keeping up morale: Lance bombardier Des Bettany is thought to have painted hundreds of scenes from Changi Prison in Singapore, where he spent three years – including realistic scenes which irked soldiers day-to-day. He believes there are hundreds more of the images which Bettany gave for free to fellow inmates, ranging from poignant depictions of actual scenes to rib-tickling fantasies. Then divide waist measurement by hip and multiply by 100. Women with a WHR greater than 85 per cent are in the unhealthy zone and this is far more common after menopause. A woman’s waistline should ideally be 70 to 80 per cent of hips, for men 85 to 90 per cent. The artist’s son said: ‘We have been incredibly moved to find that so much of dad’s work has been kept by the men he served alongside and their families.

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wooden toothbrush Find these in nuts, seeds, legumes (eg, peas and beans), lentils, berries and spices including turmeric, cinnamon, liquorice, fennel, ginger and cumin. Today, you should be able to root around the kitchen cupboard and find the basic ingredients you need to make it. Keen to learn, I find a ‘recipe’ on the internet which involves mixing baking soda in equal measure with coconut oil. Maybe you prefer oil paintings of cargo ships or fancy yachts. It feels like a fancy soap – and is surprisingly good for washing. Since soap scum can become hard over time, it’s very hard to remove. Soap is mostly enough for any home kitchen. You can also clean the home without buying expensive products. There is no need to spend a small fortune on new cleaning products – you already have the ingredients at home. Choose some cleaning products that are appropriate for them and use them every time when you start cleaning the house. Also, avoid harsh chemicals and paper products and don’t spray anything directly on the screen. He fashioned a paintbrush out of human hair and bamboo cane, used coloured soil mixed with rice water for paint and scraps of toilet paper were turned into a canvas.

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An absorbent rug to rest the paper on when painting. Contemporary Korean Painting: During late 1940s, thick Impasto Technique of Western (European) Painting started influencing the Korean one. It was believed that Mongols also helped with the spread of the use of fireworks to European countries. This form consists of two ingredients: stamp and punch, the more power you can use with the stamp, the more you will build the power of your leg muscles and bone. A healthy waist to hip ratio (WHR) is a more accurate predictor of risk than body mass index (BMI). Once every four years, mass flowering of the bamboo produces pendulous clusters of seeds at the tips of branches. Lance bombardier Des Bettany, from Burnley, Lancashire, was trapped at Changi Prison in Singapore for three years, where he painted comrades working, bickering and singing in the bath to keep up morale. Arduous: The long march to Changi.

Top food swaps include seed-based crispbread instead of bread, lettuce as a wrap, quinoa with chia seeds instead of pasta or couscous (quinoa is high in protein and fibre as well as phytoestrogens), blitzed cauliflower instead of rice or potatoes, and raw vegetables instead of crisps, with hummus and guacamole. With a stylus, you can turn the pen, and also move your hand as well as wrist right into a natural drawing setting. Take care and be well. For example, take a look at your toothbrush. Take Trisodium Phosphate (TSP), available at most hardware stores. Light-hearted: Senior officers were regular figures of fun, from Captain Ronald Horner who organised the camp’s theatre productions rehearsing in the bath to camp policeman Lt Alec Dann acting as ‘genie of the lamp’. Lost artworks by a British soldier have revealed the lighter side of life in a notoriously grim Japanese Prisoner of War camp. One painting shows a sleeping prisoner whose stinking feet attract mosquitoes to the consternation of his fellow inmates.

He confessed to all four murders and the rape, and during his trial asked for the death penalty.

One painting showed the famous Selarang Square incident, where thousands of PoWs stood for five days after refusing to sign a pledge not to escape. For one of his victims, he used a toothbrush. 5. This bamboo toothbrush has also been able to boast exceptional teeth whitening capabilities as it absorbs tannins and other compounds that stain your teeth often. Four Gracious Plants: The Four Gracious Plants, also known as the Four Gentlemanly Plants, painted frequently in Korea, consist of plum blossoms, chrysanthemums, orchids or wild orchids, and bamboo. He confessed to all four murders and the rape, and during his trial asked for the death penalty. He confessed to luring his victims into a car, where he raped, tortured and murdered them, and discarded their bodies in public places. There is also no need to waste money on expensive soaps. Ancient Roman coins in need of cleaning can be an excellent bargain for collectors. ‘Fat around the middle can be reduced naturally,’ advises Dr Booth. ‘Oestrogen is connected with the production of insulin, which organises your body’s storage system,’ explains Dr Booth. ‘Oestrogen helps shape an hourglass silhouette to signal fertility.

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