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wooden toothbrush Mary says: I manage to rid my house of crisps and yoghurt pots, but as I can’t find an alternative, we’re going without. Then throughout the year they kept every item of plastic used in each house and weighed it, adding up their monthly and annual totals. At least in a year you should get it re varnished after washing it properly and then soaking it wither under sunlight or with dryer. Not until we get to airport security do we realise we can’t take our water bottles through, so we have to buy new ones in departures. In fact, dentures usually have to be refitted every three or four years. And, if possible, don’t sit down more than three hours a day. That old saying ‘less is more’ can really benefit your mindfulness, bank balance and productivity. They are more about the incorporation of tranquility and movement, yin & yang, and time & space in art. Sweetcorn, aubergines and carrots tend to be free from plastic packaging; but salads and berries are a no-go. Synthetic taklon bristles are 100% cruelty free.

Mary says: We test out online shopping – none of the big supermarkets comes out well.

So we use lots of commercial cleaning products as they promise to make our floors, bathroom fixtures, counter tops, etc. dust free and shining. Mary says: BBQ season and I’ve been buying steaks and burgers at Morrisons, where you can go to the butcher’s counter with Tupperware for them to fill. Mary says: We test out online shopping – none of the big supermarkets comes out well. These can be beneficial to your physical health while the colors and scents help your emotional well-being as well. You only need to know a few simple rules as well as remember your fondest tropical objects to create the look you’ve always wanted. We get a few stares. Teresa says: As a mum of three girls, I can’t get on board with shampoo from a bar. Cling film is also out and I buy reusable beeswax wrap (£13.50 for three sheets) – made from cotton coated in beeswax and oil – to cover leftovers.

  • Super Cleaning Power
  • Zero Waste Club bamboo toothbrush – – , for £5 on Selfridges – buy here
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  • All natural
  • Best zero waste travel essentials: Zebra Woo bamboo toothbrushes
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My laundry comes out clean and smells fresh. I believe that you have the right to be in that 3% crowd, but you must make the decision to take the necessary action to secure your place in the top 3%. Now, I’m going to give you four proven, time-tested strategies that will extinguish fear out of your life NOW! I examined all the supermarket boxes, shaking them and reading the back – I must have looked mad – but couldn’t find any that were plastic-free. Right after this sign they spot another sign that said “Turn Back Now”. You can find everything from toothbrush holders to wall paper in a variety of island designs. You can also reduce paper waste by making digital notes on your phone or laptop. One will create a hole at the end of one of the paper hemispheres. Digital technology is only a part of this very broad subject but since it the one which is mostly associated with the word let me give you some suggestions on how you can use digital technology to simplify your life.

I wrack my brains for treats to put in party bags for my youngest daughter’s birthday.

You will go through many challenges in order to change your life. You will end up with far less clutter and allow you to save money for experiences rather than things. Letters did not exist then but things were described by making pictures. Ask yourself if you really need something before making a purchase and always check if you can buy second-hand or have materials to make something similar at home. I’ve swapped hand wash and shower gels for soap bars, and we even had a go at making our own hand wash. We take our own water bottles everywhere and ask people to fill them – even on the plane. You may even want to deliver it to your bridal party members with flowers already in it! I wrack my brains for treats to put in party bags for my youngest daughter’s birthday. Teresa says: We run an ‘inflatable amnesty’, sending 14kg of broken paddling pools and beach inflatables to a British company called Wyatt and Jack, which recycles them into beautiful bags. My favourite is from a UK company called Splosh.

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