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5. Deep clean your toothbrush by occasionally placing it in the top rack (any other location, it may melt) of your dishwasher using your normal dishwasher soap. My triumph this month is dishwasher tablets. I use baking soda and white vinegar often in my home to clean away stubborn stains in the bath or walls etc and my sister uses vinegar for fabric softener. You may select this style of bathroom accessory in black and white contrasting them by using a rug and bath towels either gold or red. They shelter interiors from hard glare, yet admit plenty of light and may be used with or without curtains. The court heard her abuse eventually came to light after staff at the boys’ school grew concerned by the bruising on their bodies. That’s how, Teresa, 38, and her sister Mary Strong, 36, who live in Lichfield, Staffordshire, came up with a plan: to go head-to-head in 2018 to see who could cut their plastic waste most. I’ve been searching for detergent substitutes and came across the ‘Ecoegg’ – a hollow ‘egg’ filled with natural cleaning pellets, you throw in the drum with your clothes.

But with husbands to win over, young mouths to feed and day jobs keeping them busy (Teresa is a part-time secretary and baker; Mary is a civil servant), they had set themselves a formidable challenge, especially when everything from laundry detergent and shampoo to toothpaste and crisp packets comes in plastic packaging. Mary says: I’m the environmentally-friendly sister – Teresa says James and I are like Tom and Barbara from The Good Life because we grow veg – but we still get through lots of plastic. “Use up what you have before buying anything new,” says Chillingsworth. Not until we get to airport security do we realise we can’t take our water bottles through, so we have to buy new ones in departures. Cuddly cute just like them – Organic Velour Blankie Animal is made in the US of organic cotton and lets little ones cuddle while you give them Valentine hugs and kisses.

  • Turn off lights when not in use
  • Glasses or a mustache on a bamboo handle makes for a fun mask
  • Bar Soap (wrapped in paper, not plastic)
  • 9 years ago from Houston, TX
  • A Fully Biodegradable Set Of Bamboo Toothbrushes
  • Toilet paper – use 100% recycled, or family cloth

Buy smaller ones as well for related tool sub-collections. In contrast, unfinished bamboo works well in a humid environment such as the bathroom and looks naturally beautiful without the need for harmful chemicals. There are also nit combs made of wood or bamboo whose handles have inlaid designs. Our Bamboo Toothbrush is packed with the goodness of- 100% Bamboo with Compostable brush handle, Biodegradable packing & BPA-free bristles and Ultra-soft toothbrush. We would love to know which variety of toothbrush you use and what results you have got. We have a plastic-free picnic on a weekend away with the kids: strawberries in cardboard punnets and skewers of melon. Mary says: Inspired by Teresa’s uniform project, I launch a plastic-free buying group. Mary says: James and I take the children to Germany and Spain for half-term. James and I try plastic-free toothpaste. Her daughters – aged seven, nine and 12 -were unwrapping presents as her husband James gathered armfuls of plastic waste. Taking January’s waste amount as a base, Mary and Teresa estimated the amount of plastic they usually produced over 12 months. Mary and I investigate plastic-free pet supplies – boxes and tins, rather than bags or pouches. I buy mesh grocery bags from Amazon (£12 for nine) and start collecting fruit and veg in those.

Eight Ideas To start Building A Bamboo Toothbrush You Always Wished

I start baking bread, which tastes better and is cheaper than a supermarket loaf. It smells pepperminty, but tastes like soap. I try a soap bar (£1.50) you rub on fabric like a stick of Vanish. First, I try soapnuts – dried fruit shells that have been used for centuries as a natural alternative, that cost £10 a bag, but they look and smell weird. I examined all the supermarket boxes, shaking them and reading the back – I must have looked mad – but couldn’t find any that were plastic-free. Nice to see people are going back to these harmless, yet very effective natural cleaners. Back home, we host a Royal Wedding party for 70 and it’s a plastic disaster. Plastic cutlery is a one-time use product and cannot be recycled. I buy stainless steel straws from Amazon (£5 for eight) and we vow never to use plastic straws again. You can use art work, painted murals, wall paper, textured wall paint or any combination of these materials.

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